Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rave: CD's Creme de Rose Lip Balm

I don't normally rave about beauty products. One is to maintain macho (haha) and the second one is because I can't say much about them. Not that knowledgeable enough, I guess. But this one, I just HAVE to:

I first saw this on a local women's magazine and told myself that I have to check it out once I am back from the Philippines. There were a few things that attracted me to it i.e.

  • -> It soothes, re-plumps & hydrates the lips
  • -> It has SPF 10
  • -> It has a very subtle pink shade
  • -> It features a delicate rose scent
And... I am nearly done with all of my current lip balms. So there you go, I tried it, loved it and bought it. Regrets... nope! *Happy grin.

Give it a try if you happen to walk by any Christian Dior counter. Cheers.

2 poetic mutterings:

wan hazimah said...

how was ur trip to filipino miss??? ngeee

Sheena Baharudin said...

It was AWESOME hazimah! I baru posted up about it. Check it out :D