Friday, April 02, 2010

Reflecting on Rumi

I wonder how Rumi felt when people started seeing him in a new light. Instead of Rumi the same ol, same ol; he was now Rumi the Sufi, Rumi the poet and Rumi the Enlightened. Did he look at his reflection in the water and locked eyes with himself?

Maybe (here I go again, presumptuously assuming), he saw something that made his heart shook and soul shimmered. And instead of keeping mum, he began to call this new revelation, his Beloved. Gazing at his physical image and seeing the truth of it all. That to be human is, as Al-Arabi aptly put it, " apparent non-existence".

And when you don't exist, doesn't Herim takes over the space around you and inside you, and you are one?

I guess that poor dead guy (Hallaj) was right when he said "Ana Al-Haq".


3 poetic mutterings:

Sokat said...

oh my goodness!!!

I answered it wrongly in my IS-LIT exam ...

I wrote Al-Hajj instead of Al-Hallaj

Wahdatul Wujud!

Sheena Baharudin said...


Hopefully, your lecturer wouldnt notice it Sokat :P

spanker said...

im an avid reader of Rumi and fellow sufis. my journey was completed when someone gave me this e-book. thought i'd share :)

try "God's Debris" by Scott Adams.

drop me a line only if u find it useful. cheers