Friday, April 02, 2010

Rhymes for Mending Hearts

Liar liar
lips on fire
threw this bag of bones
of you love me

of you miss me
of you'll never ever leave me
of a heart that used to
melt to stones

stones stones can't go away
bad dreams are here to stay too
bring me back those happy days
the days before I met you.

6 poetic mutterings:

wan hazimah said...

what's this poem about, miss? will u explain to me?:)

Sheena Baharudin said...

well, hmmm, it's up to interpretation but I just wanted to have a go at rhymes (ala ala mother goose) but from an adult perspective.

after broken hearts, broken relationships, lies and deceit.. how do we go back to being a child again kan? :)

wan hazimah said...

mmm..... i experienced many things, the good and the bad, in a relationship miss. friendship, and especially love "stuffs." i feel myself was so pathetic those days. urrgghhhh....... i always thinking of returning back into a child. being a child is the most wonderful thing in this world. we don't have to think abt anything that we're facing in the present,things tht we had faced in the past, or even wut we might face in the future. we just have to live freely n happily under the care of our beloved parents n have no eagerness of wanting to experience those things; love n so on. u must have gone through so many things in ur life kan miss? u must be a strong woman. (ameen).i wish i could learn many things abt life from u miss....... bile lg blh jmp miss nxt2 sems ya...??? hmm...... i wonder......:)

Zakwan Shah said...

hey, wow...i found this trying to dig some dirt on your book rhymes for mending hearts instead i came across this, your blog, you're somewhat of a bigshot i presume, pardon my ignorance, but for a born and bred johorean, ive never heard about you before, nevertheless, ur definitely someone i wish i could spend an afternoon with discussing poetry over a cup of hot cocoa...

Sheena B said...

Hi there. Bigshot? No lah, far from it. Yeah, never had the opportunity to perform kat Johor lagi. God willing, one day :)

Ps: Mai KL and let's hang out. I am not much of a fan of hot cocoa but hot coffee, hell yeah :)

Anonymous said... offense intended...btw..seriously tak sabar nak baca buku u..bila agaknya nak launch? i pon just found out about ianslip SFP, bought inkless but alright still...suddenly addicted to local poetry, i write sometimes but im sure as hell not as good or as accomplished as you..please please tak sabar nk buy rhymes for mending sure to announce...