Sunday, May 02, 2010

I Am Missing

I am missing...

  • -> Listening to choir music in Manila Cathedral amidst remnants of a wedding
  • -> Melting in the swirling madness of Manila crowd
  • -> Walking through rice terraces in Banaue and Sagada
  • -> Gazing into endless misty mountains while listening to world music
  • -> Watching kids play basketball while munching on Halo Halo
  • -> Meditating beside the quaint Sagada church
  • -> Having breakfast with a view of Ifugao rice terraces
  • -> Dancing with the Igorots
  • -> Eating Buko Pie at a chaotic Florida Bus pit top, not minding the cold
  • -> Drinking hot lemongrass tea, not knowing what adventure awaits next
  • -> Gazing into the star-berserked night sky of the Cordillera
  • -> Watching native boys jumping into the waters of Bomod-Ok, without a care in the world.


Need to get away again. Soon.

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