Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fave Poem of the Day

All poets are sexy. But the ones who can and do equally embrace the strengths and weaknesses of love, are the sexiest to me. Yums.

Poems for Blok, 1
by Marina Tsvetaeva

Your name is a—bird in my hand,
a piece of ice on my tongue.
The lips' quick opening.
Your name—five letters.
A ball caught in flight,
a silver bell in my mouth.

A stone thrown into a silent lake
is—the sound of your name.
The light click of hooves at night
—your name.
Your name at my temple
—shrill click of a cocked gun.

Your name—impossible—
kiss on my eyes,
the chill of closed eyelids.
Your name—a kiss of snow.
Blue gulp of icy spring water.
With your name—sleep deepens.

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