Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Note: First performed at MAP KL Poetry Slam, May 2010

You have this annoying way of sleeping (my darling)
eyes half-opened,
trance-like state
contorting body, unlike a yogi

and this one unstoppable drooling mouth
that creates maps, no, atlases
of a strange world across the canvas
of our king-sized Ikea bed.

Now I have tried to stop this river-like flow
of powerful currents in Nile-like proportion
that just can't seem to change its course,
let alone dry up on its own or by force

unless if I cello-tape your mouth.

But you will probably drown in your sleep
which honestly is a hassle, if you ask me,
not because of the cleaning up I have to do
remember, I do have OCD,
but because I love you too too much, honey

So I guess that is one brilliant idea
I would have to let go and set free.

right before I change our sheets,
I would trail this curious map
of your mischievous nocturnal doings.


Here is Malaysia, I can trace out Melaka,
the ancient town of techno music blasting beca
where bygones were never bygones
in the first place as you said
Yes right here is where we first met.

And here is Syria,
once a part of the kingdom of Mesopotamia,
Where we went backpacking for 3 whole weeks
Do you still remember how you proposed to me
over a cup of piping hot mint tea?

You burnt your tongue,
I kiss your lips,
as the sun sets over
Tigris and Euphrates?

And here is the North Pole,
sandwiched between India and Singapore
where we plan
to spend our 50th anniversary

all huddled up, cold and shaking to the brim
and no matter how silly the idea may seem
we're convinced that the sight of the Aurora Borealis
will make it all worth it

And here, right here,
Where my cheek touches your cheek
where my hand still finds your hand,
in the dark, in between sleep is

our very own
Mecca, Medina,
Amritsar, Bodh Gaya, Jerusalem,
Varanasi on the banks of the Ganges,
Vatican City

A holy place
where all borders cease to exist
and there is only us floating
out of the abyss
and into the midst
of dreamy possibilities.

4 poetic mutterings:

Greenlime said...

This is beautiful :)

Ave Sheena, Ave Moi said...

Thank you :)

Fudge said...

I love your last two stanzas.
They're beautiful :)

I also LOVE reading your "poem of the day"s.

Sheena Baharudin said...

Thank you so much Fudge! I will now go to sleep with a huge grin on my face. Quite disturbing, I know. But that's what I'll do :)