Friday, June 18, 2010

Simply Delish, Ms. Dahl

I have a thing for Sophie Dahl and that thing started quite some time ago when she was one of the first successful plus size models to break into the cutthroat scene called fashion. Remember that scandalous Opium ad in 2000? Well, at least it was tasteful compared to the yucky ads of American Apparel and D&G.


I love her English rose look, her porcelain skin and that coy sensuality that made her quite a male-magnet. Even though she later went through a skinny phase that had people a little bit irritated, I still find her adorable. And now, she's a healthy woman with healthy curves, married to Jamie Cullum and just came out with her own cooking stint i.e. The Delicious Ms. Dahl.

Now, what I like about this show is not the food (although it does look yummy) but rather, her clothes. Check these out:

They are stylish, flirty, easy to emulate, subtly sophisticated and utterly feminine. Now this, is sexy.

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