Thursday, July 01, 2010

Fave Poem of the Day

After reading this poem, I found myself repeating the word 'Camel' and trying to hear the 'drippiness' of that word. Tried to feel it against my lips too. Weird.

Dialect of a Skirt
by Erica Miriam Fabri

The young girl wanted a new voice. After all, people got
new things every day. A new hip, a new nose, a new set
of suspenders. She adored the consonants that landed
like wooden shoes. She loved the type of L-sounds
that made a mouth drool from the back of the tongue
to the front. She practiced her new voice into seashells,
tin cans, caves. She gave her first performance quietly,
into the ear of her sleeping dog. She could tell by his snorting
that his dreams were of fat tree trunks and black, truffle-filled
soil. Later, she drove to the local gas station and used her new
voice to ask for a pack of cigarettes. She wasn't wearing a bra,
but the attendant didn't notice. He was too busy listening
to the way sound seemed to drip out of her mouth
as she said the word, Camel.

3 poetic mutterings:

wan hazimah said...

salam, miss sheena!!!

do u still remember me????
hazimah here! hehehe
really miss u, miss.... n really longing for your lectures. hehe...
how're u miss? hopefully everything's just fine. sorry, for not following ur blog for such a long time. kinda bz at the moment preparing for my sister's wedding. but i'll keep reading ur new post from now on. don't be upset k? i'm still remember u, coz u're one of my BEST teachers!

take care miss!

Ave Sheena, Ave Moi said...

Hi Hazimah!

Aww, that is really sweet of you and nope, I won't be upset. It makes me happy to know that you're reading the blog :D

Yes, I do miss my students all the time! Hugs.

PS: Wah, your sister nak kahwin? Congratulations!

wan hazimah said...

hehehe..... how do u noe my sister is going to marry, miss??? did i tell u??? btw, thank u miss. when is ur turn plak miss??? hehehe.....