Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fave Poem of the Day

I like the quirkiness of this poem. Sometimes, when I drive long distance, I do wonder what goes on in the heads of those sleeping families in their cars. Do they even wanna go where they are heading?

by Richard Jones

It's so late I could cut my lights
and drive the next fifty miles
of empty interstate
by starlight,
flying along in a dream,
countryside alive with shapes and shadows,
but exit ramps lined
with eighteen wheelers
and truckers sleeping in their cabs
make me consider pulling into a rest stop
and closing my eyes. I've done it before,
parking next to a family sleeping in a Chevy,
mom and dad up front, three kids in the back,
the windows slightly misted by the sleepers' breath.
But instead of resting, I'd smoke a cigarette,
play the radio low, and keep watch over
the wayfarers in the car next to me,
a strange paternal concern
and compassion for their well being
rising up inside me.
This was before
I had children of my own,
and had felt the sharp edge of love
and anxiety whenever I tiptoed
into darkened rooms of sleep
to study the small, peaceful faces
of my beloved darlings. Now,
the fatherly feelings are so strong
the snoring truckers are lucky
I'm not standing on the running board,
tapping on the window,
asking, Is everything okay?
But it is. Everything's fine.
The trucks are all together, sleeping
on the gravel shoulders of exit ramps,
and the crowded rest stop I'm driving by
is a perfect oasis in the moonlight.
The way I see it, I've got a second wind
and on the radio an all-night country station.
Nothing for me to do on this road
but drive and give thanks:
I'll be home by dawn.

3 poetic mutterings:

Natasha Ismail said...

how nice! i wish i had lots of money so that i can follow u backpacking. HAHAH

Natasha Ismail said...

& OH, MISS SHEENA, do you know anything about the toastmaster?
my aunt asked me whether i'm interested to join. but, i'm not really sure what it is. she asked me to ask my lecturers about it.

Ave Sheena, Ave Moi said...

Trust me, I don't have lotsa money but the beauty of backpacking is that you don't need much moolah in the first place. Muahaha.

Toastmasters Club is a place where you can meet people who aspire to learn how to speak/listen/communicate/formulate ideas better. It's a club that fosters more confident and better oral communication skills. :)

Go for it!