Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Caught on Cam: We Eat Romantic Poetry!

The first class of this semester's Introduction to Poetry kicked off the WE EAT POETRY! events with an all out love fiesta with their interpretation of romantic poetry. The moment I walked in, I was bathed in the romantic light from tea light candles and the subtle scent of roses bought for the special guests (it turned out that I was one of them). The gals were clad in dresses and had nicely made floral wreaths on their heads while the boys were dressed to the nines in suits. And that was not it.

Soon the audience was treated to a lollipop/sugar high event filled with choral speaking pieces, music performances, multimedia poetry, and a video of guerilla poetry performances done in an LRT train, KL Sentral & Central Market. I was pleasantly surprised =)

(All pictures courtesy of Nik Adilah. Thanks love!)

The pretty gals & I

A scene that reminded me of Singin' in the Rain

They had fun with the choral speaking piece

An individual poetry performance

The lollipop high audience. Nice strategy!

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