Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Caught on Cam: We Eat Beat Poetry!

Section 2's WE EAT POETRY! gig literally turned Experimental Hall into a strange (but very cool) world that would have made any beatnik nod in silent approval. There were throw pillows, candles, music instruments and even a bar, equipped with bartender! But of course, we are talking about non-alcoholic drinks here. Ngeh. The setting was pretty clear: Welcome to Beatnik Cafe.

What can I say? It was a very well organised event. The quotes, the poetry, the music and even the host & hostess played the theme to a T. Of course there were several instances where the audience was left with more questions than answers (we do have to remember that not many are familiar with beat poetry), the expected weak voice projection from a few performers (it's a first time experience, so I understand) and my personal wish that the guerilla performances were done both inside & outside of IIUM, but the event was strong enough to handle the flaws and shine from the beginning to the end :)

From Experimental Hall to Beatnik Cafe

The hosts doing what they do best

Alana i.e. Project Leader also performed for the event.

The Cafe i.e. where it all happened

Group picture, post-gig. Nice one!

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