Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Fave Poem of the Day

It's going to rain pretty soon here in Kuala Lumpur. I read this poem by Sarah Vap (such a haunting picture of her below, don't you think?) and thought it fits quite nicely with the somberness of the clouds.

Solar system bedsheets
by Sarah Vap

There, behind sunlight,

is the long pressure
of a child's love. Becoming mute

with the child's love. Long influence of stars touched
by the hand wrapped, asleep,

in the newly laundered sheets. Touched

to widths of butterscotch
stretched. Split-apart as the voices, rain thickening,

against one another forever, if glass. Forever
if resting against one another. Forever

if holding the end of a year like this: the nights

lengthening. I check: each child

is alive in his sleep. You are also asleep, love,

at the end of the yarn

you are weaving around the edge of a pink paper heart
fattening—quieter, now. Forever, if quieter, now.

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