Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello beautiful people!

Thanks to the lovely people at Live & Inspire, I'll be performing my poems along with fellow Poetry Underground kindred spirit Tshiung Han See and other amazing people (featured above). We are talking about poetry, music, flash mob and even free style dance performances. It's going to be all quirky and fun PLUS it'll be at Starbucks (caffeine trips, yeehaw) which is definitely a very very good thing. Join us!

The Details

Date: 31st March 2011, Thursday
Time: 8.00 pm to 9.00 p.m.
Venue: Starbucks, Level 2, Starbucks Bangsar Village 2, Kuala Lumpur
Facebook event page: Click right HERE

3 poetic mutterings:

The Thought of a Lonely Man said...

Hi Sheena,

I'm Philip and I bump into your blog while searching for open mic opportunities. (seems like I just missed one in Starbucks ydy)

I was just hoping if you know any sort of place that holds open mic and stuff. Would love to attend one of those. I write poems as well, but i've decided to give reciting it a try. I heard The Bee at Jaya One held a few slams before. Do they hold open mic often?

Philip Lee

PS: If you're interested, feel free to give my poems a try. :)

Sheena Baharudin said...

Hi there Philip,

Yeah, you should have been there for the Live & Inspire gig, the vibe was amazing :)

I went through a few of your poems and I really like them. There's a certain sentimentality about them I find appealing :) You should definitely recite them in public.

About the poetry gigs, here are several suggestions:

1. Sharon Bakar is always looking for fresh literary talents for Readings in Bangsar. They have come a long way and it's a great place to meet up with fellow poets/writers/rebels etc. Here's her blog:

2. Another possible gig is the monthly Doppelganger Open Mic organised by Jazmine Low. Maybe I should perform there as well:

3. I've heard about Junk's open mic nights at Bee but am not sure if it's only for musicians. Doesnt hurt to ask and provide more variety, no? :)

4. Tshiung Han See (twitter: tshiunghan) hosts a weekly meet up of poets at Silverfish every Saturday. It's not really an open mic but they do discuss and give feedbacks.

5. Last but definitely NOT least, you can always join poetry groups that are actively performing around KL, there is:

Poetry Underground (I am one of them): co-organised last year's Poetry Cup, we also regularly meet up, hang out, have a drink or two and just connect.

Poetry Cafe KL: headed by Elaine Foster, is responsible for the previous slams and also the recent Slam event at The Bee.

Poet's Passport: A group of poets based in Cyberjaya. They have monthly meet ups and have poetry recitations. Pretty cool.

Tell me when you're performing, I'll drop by! :)


The Thought of a Lonely Man said...

Hi Sheena,

Thank you for your detailed reply. Well, I do need some exposure before performing so I will probably attend one of those open mic before i actually perform since i've never really tried performing. Instead, let me know when you are performing. It will be cool to see someone who's doing it do it before I do it myself.

However, the information you gave are already sufficient. Thanks alot Sheena. Hope to meet you one day.

Best wishes,
Philip Lee