Monday, April 18, 2011

I Choose Love

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There are many ways to start your day
though it is harder for me to do than for me to say
I still choose not to hate

Yet I testify to our capabilities
of so many terrifying inequalities
There is racism. Violence. Rape and famine.
Hunger in Africa, broken hearts in the Middle East,
desecration of the Divine Feminine

Even then, we don't have to look far
Don't we have them in our own back yard?

Wave to Najib and our prime minister Rosmah
who prove that in order for you to lead a country
you gotta let the people see a face free of fear and doubt
just stack up on Botox and you'll get it all figured out.

What about our pseudo leaders and their verbal spit fire wars
they do nothing but talk talk talk and more
and when words fail, there are always sex videos in store,
"Lu mau apa? soft porn ke hard core?"

And if and when videos fail,
there are always holy books to lean on
them Holy Grail, never fail

Damn do our leaders possess such a dramatic flair
Hands up, I swear
He strangled himself before flying out into the air.
Hands down, I swear
I am doing all this not for the money
but because I care

I swear I'm speaking the truth,
the only truth and nothing but the:
Bull shit, i i i i repeat,
don't talk bullshit!

Who cares about your father's father,
mother's mother
and the lineage of your civilisation
when your identity is still constrained by words
that slammed like a mallet from lips of strangers?

I care only about you.

So I choose to metaphorically deskin those around me
that we will all end up with the same colour.
I choose to deflesh and debone those in front of me
that we may realise our souls are too big for our bodies, they have layers.
So I choose to wake up and smile as if I am going to live forever
to look at the face of that someone whom I choose
to fall for, to love and live with together:

To my wide eyed students who taught me that knowledge is gold
To the poets who let the words flow
To the people who prayed for everybody without lettin everybody else know
To the people who fight for the rights to live free, to be just who they are
The very same way they have accepted who we believe we are
To the people who supported expressions of creativity
when life seems to drown us in stifling miscellany

These are the souls I'm going to be friends with,
grow up with, argue with
then make up (maybe make out) grow old with
and even when death greets us, I will keep the faith

of a time when we will all meet once again
at a place where only tears of joy will be seen falling down like rain
where darkness will evaporate, only constellations of light would remain
between the fields of wrong doing and right doing, a Promised Land
right here my soul will surely recognise you, my dearest friend.

So there are many ways to start your day
And I choose not to hate
Though it is harder for me to do than for me to say
Let me choose love, let me appreciate

Me and you and you and me
Me and you and you and me
Me and you and you and me

I choose WE.

So what about you?

3 poetic mutterings:

Marinela Reka said...

Nice write!

Zimah Zaiwani said...

did you make this poem urself miss sheena? wow, i;m so impressed! i wish someday i could write poems like u. totally love it!

p/s: i miss u my teacher :)

Sheena Baharudin said...

Yeah, it's my own poem :) Aww, I miss you too!