Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rave: Miss Bibi's Miniature Jewellery

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Have you ever read that book Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World, in Four Parts. By Lemuel Gulliver, First a Surgeon, and then a Captain of Several Ships? Well, have you read Gulliver's Travels then? Ahh, it's the same book actually. But we are not here for Mr. Swift's famous book but instead, we'll focus on the long lasting impact that book had on me as a person i.e. I never really got over my fascination for tiny things.

That would have sounded so wrong if I didn't mean miniature objects.

I found Miss Bibi's website quite awhile back and remember cooing over her products as if I am looking at a really cute infant. I remember wanting one (okay, maybe all) but then thought to myself: "there are better things to have wanton for." Surely, I moved on. But then, something weird happened:

There will be times when I would assemble an outfit and found myself thinking that a necklace with a tiny knife would complete the look. Or that this hand will look nicer with a bracelet encrusted with cutlery charms. Or that this finger needs a really exquisite ring... the list goes on AND the wanton returns (all images courtesy of Miss Bibi):

*Sigh* Yes, wanton does not come cheap in this story of mine. Prices range from 65 Euro onwards. Oh well, I do love the descriptions of her collections. They do sound sophisticated/intelligent/borderline annoying-because-we-wish-we-came-up-with-it-first, aren't they? I am extra tickled by the description of her Ready Mades:

Ready Mades, in reference to the work of Marcel Duchamp, frees the ordinary object from its day-to-day condition. Without changing the scale, but by diverting a manufactured product away from its traditional utilitarian function and exhibiting it as a shape, this collection invites the spectator's eye to take an interest in the object for its own sake... (source)

I mean, come on! In today's world where we buy something just so that we can look like Adriana Lima or wanting to be perfect/seen as desirable by others, isn't it fun to look at our ring/necklace etc and go: "Today, I will free an object from its traditional utilitarian function and exhibit it as a shape. Awesome."

Indeed :)

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