Saturday, May 14, 2011

Faved! : Sekou Sundiata's Bring on the Reparations

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The first time I watched his performance for Def Jam Poetry, I was in love. There's something about his voice, his charisma and the way he just let the words drop from his lips. I could almost feel each nugget of words penetrating my consciousness and urging me to respond and think for myself. Not many poets can do that. Mr. Sekou Sundiata, you are sorely missed.

This poem of his remains one of my favourite pieces out there. Lose yourself in it.

Oh master of the perfect word Universe
Tricknological forked tongue
Riddle me this
If the Chinese can come from China
And the French can come from France
What made you think you could get Niggers out of Africa in the first place?
Just because you put puppies in the oven
That don’t make them biscuits
Reparations on GP

Come on and bring on the Reparations
For all the unrequited home runs
Brothers be burning up the bases
The crowd be going mad
Brothers be crossing over home plate
Go outside and can’t catch a cab
For Little Richie teaching the Beatles how to scream
Like Aunt Jemima without her pancakes
And all the other dark and unknown rockers
Electrified the republic...Sanctified...
Shaking that Cold War out of the booty body politics
Come on and bring on the reparations

For the beat in beatnik...White Negroes and such
Getting off up under that great music in them little ass five spots
For the jazz in the jazz age
Making your women wiggle and squirm
And you trying to twist and do the worm
You know abstract expressionism gism dripping
You might say
If I was you, I would go on the road and howl too
Jimmy Dean and Elvis..They can go wherever they went
Marilyn too, since she got caught in a trick
And got bent out of that cute little shape she had going
Come on and bring on the reparations

For the Birmingham gospel
Four little girls come Sunday
For the Jesus remix and those red neck
Street fire hose, mad dogs crucifix
And what exactly did you say you were doing at the time
About soft shoe on the rock of edges
For the privilege in your skin
A Wounded Knee and a Trail of Tears for the Indians
Come on and bring on the reparations

For the spook with the metal detector
Sitting by your door
Open just enough probably
To a spoon full of cocaine on the table
Monica on her knees doing secret service
You humming Mon monda rap song
What about all those flags we so proudly hail?
Marvin Gaye singing "Oh say can you see"
Wearing shades like mirrors at the all-star game
So you can reflect yourself...relaxed and feeling good
The dark looker doing his looking like he was blind
Bearing witness to the whiteness of whiteness
Pretending you was the only one who could see
Tis after all about thee...Just like you like it
Mercy, mercy me
And so on and so forth
For the missing royalty checks...And so on and so forth
For VD in Tuskegee called syphilis
And so on and so forth
Think of it ...think of it as the down payment
On the interest compounded
Them 40 acres not withstanding...
That mule not withstanding....
Multiplied, quantified, digitized
What to say about forgiveness
Between you and your god?
Come on and bring on the reparations.

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