Sunday, June 19, 2011

Travelogue: A Sprinkle of Singapore

I went to Singapore with Wendy not too long ago to check Universal Studios out and I gotta say that I discovered several things about the country. Let me try to summarise these "thingies" in point form:

1. Once you pass the gate, everybody magically turns into 10 year olds again.

2. I resisted the magical spell but failed to resist the fairy dust spiked popcorn by Garrett. This would later cost me hours & hours at the gym but such pain was WORTH IT.

3. Apparently, visions of fairy tale castles resurrect the Disney freak in me. Suddenly, I was ten AND speaking in falsetto, flicking non-existent blond curls

4. Once I transformed back into me, I found out that Clark Quay at night is happening. Damn happening. How come the ones in KL smell?

5. Hands down, Ann Siang Hill is my faved found spot in Singapore so far. Now we are talking.

6. I received news that humongous flower arrangements are currently conspiring to control the tiny state-island. Can I vote for them too?

7. The country is quaint & charming if you know where to find it. I had to crawl out from the underground train system & massive mega malls to find this one.

8. The rat race (to be better, artsier, prettier, richer etc) can be energy draining and would have left me a very bitter girl if it wasn't for the ice cream. I miss you sea salt caramel gelato.

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