Friday, July 15, 2011

Jom! : Poetry Cafe KL @ Frinjan Books Bazaar, Urbanscapes

Hello beautiful people!

This is super last minute BUT it is going to be tomorrow in the late afternoon so lotsa minutes for all of us to schedule ourselves eh?

Now, who doesn't know that Urbanscapes is happening tomorrow? I shall not count the hands as the ones who didn't, do now. There are so many things occurring all at the same time so it is always wise to figure out where to go, what to do and who to meet when you are there at THE must-attend arts festival in peninsular Malaysia.

Of course, my job here to pin point you to a must watch poetry performances happening tomorrow in conjunction with Urbanscapes, courtesy of the effortlessly cool Pekan Frinjan, never the less.

From 5.00pm - 6.30 pm, Elaine Foster (yup, that feisty cutie has significantly contributed to the performance poetry in KL) will be hosting Poetry Cafe KL with theme of "Confessions". How dirty. How exciting. How I say no to performing? Exactly! And to make it even better, there are many other poets who will also perform their works tomorrow and some of the names have "slam champ" and "slammer" written all over them. If you never had the chance to see a slammer in action, this is YOURS.

Event: Frinjan Books Bazaar @ Urbanscapes 2011
Date: 16th July
Venue: Padang Astaka, PJ
Time: 12pm - 12 am (Poetry Cafe KL starts at 5pm)!/event.php?eid=201148386603620

What is creativity, art and culture, without literacy? Urbanscapes 2011 will again, bring you something new – a Books Bazaar!

Frinjan is a loose collective artists and connoisseurs of art and culture. The word 'Frinjan' was taken from the English word, 'fringe'.

Frinjan’s objective is to organize art and cultural activities, which are semi-commercial to inject literary, cultural and social development into our society.

Frinjan employs art as a medium, message and motivation to call to attention important socio-political issues affecting our daily lives, often collaborating with local Non-Government Organizations, art community and educational institutions.

It is also notable that Frinjan utilises arts as medium for young people to address the current problems they face in their daily lives.

Frinjan Books Bazaar in Urbanscapes will feature Distro Buku, Matahari Books, Fixi, Sang Freud Press, Silverfish, ZI Publications, Sindiket Soljah, Dubook Press and many more books, which are not always available at our local bookstores. There will also be readings, author appearances and slam poetry.

This is definitely an event not to be missed by book lovers! It just gets more and more exciting isn’t it?!

  • Matahari Books/Fixi
  • Sang Freud Press and friends
  • Distro Buku
  • Readings
  • Merpati Jingga
  • Linglung


5pm - Poetry Cafe KL : Performance Poetry, Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Slam.
  • Illya Syahirah
  • Sheena Baharudin
  • Thato
  • Elaine Foster
  • Abby Latif
  • Jamal Raslan
  • Afi Noor
  • Mrs. X

6pm - 7.30pm - Readings@Urbanscapes
  • Nora Adam
  • Gina yap
  • Brian Gomez
  • Rafil Elyas
  • Faz Kamaruddin
  • Sharon Bakar
  • Tutu Dutta Yean

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