Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jom! : Secrets... A Poetry Session by Poet's Passport

Hello beautiful people!

We all have secrets. I have tons in my closets, waiting to be slowly urged into stepping into the limelight. Not that I am ashamed of them. My secrets hide in the darkest corners, ageing and gaining strength and waiting for the right time to make themselves known.

What about yours? Are they ready to be shared this coming Friday? Or maybe they need to be acquainted with the other secrets dropping by Poet's Passport gig? Yeah, that's what they need :)

The Details

Ever noticed how whenever you know a secret you just want to share it?
The juicer the secret, the more you want to spill it.

But whether it’s a message for only the privileged or something you know that you probably shouldn’t, the rule is a secret should never be shared. No matter how big or how small, the only thing that keeps a secret interesting is its seductive mystery.
Cover it however you want, strip it bare if you really don’t care, this coming session were welcoming you to clean out your closet…

Date: 22 July 2011, Friday
Time: 7.30 pm onwards
Venue: Krish Restaurant, Cyberjaya
Facebook event page: link

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