Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Travelogue: Chengdu Ching-A-Ling

Unknown to most (unnecessary dramatic element here), I have been travelling and it would be most unfortunate if I don't post up several pictures for the pleasure of my beautiful blog readers. Seeing the world is one of the best ways to open up our minds and I pray to God that I'll continue doing this for a long time coming.

Oh yeah, so the destination here is Chengdu in the Sichuan region of China. I've been eyeing Chengdu as it is one of the gateway to the Himalayas. Tibet is pretty close and I've always wanted to roll around in Tibet, eat momo dumplings and get high on butter tea... so when my family decided to escape to Chengdu, I did my best to plan the most out of it. So here's a simple guide on what to do if you accidentally apparated to Chengdu.

This is the equivalent of doing the peace sign in front of the KLCC Twin Towers (or any landmark, really). You gotta go to Tianfu Square where Chairman Mao stands, beckoning many to take pictures with the exact gesture. At least, I did.

Alolololo. One can't help but coo helplessly at the sight of these overweight, lazy, stinky furballs that eat lying down. Did no one teach these pandas at the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Center proper eating manners? Of course not. That's why we find them terribly adorable. Awwww.

If you are a shopaholic who is attending your 7-step course, I ask you NOT to go Chunxi Road. This road offers 700 stores with so many discounts, you'll not be able to remember your 1st step anymore. For those who suck at shopping (like me), best to let your imagination fly free.

No wonder China produces so many philosophers, writers and poets. Here lies the secret: a park, free time and lotsa tea. The People's Park is Chengdu's playground for aspiring writers or those wanting to pakto (date) with their loved ones.

Ahh. Nothing better than to spend your evening watching Sichuan Opera. They offer a variety of performances i.e. music, theatre, dance and the ever popular face changing opera. A must do. I repeat, a must do.

Who cares if you are a tourist when you are at Jinli Street? Even locals pay the tourist price at this famous place. I warn you, it's not cheap but the experience of being there compensates the wallet pain. But if you refuse to take out moolah, maybe you can do this *points below*

Watch shadow puppets dance to contemporary pop tunes! It's quite weird but for the first 5 minutes as you watch the puppets dance to a Britney Spears song, you'll find yourself moving as well. Trust me, your hips won't lie.

How can we not eat when we are in the Sichuan region? The food here is lovely and spicy, the perfect combo for my family. Try the wajib dish in Chengdu i.e. Sichuan Hot Pot. Was it spicy? Yes. Was it lovely? Yes. Are we happy? Hell Yes!

You would expect flying monks fooling around when you step into Wenshu Monastery but alas, they were busy praying. Anyway, this place is gorgeous and you get to see the locals practising their religion. Ok, fine, I was only looking at the cute monks. Guilty as charged.

But where is the momo dumplings? Where's butter tea? Where is Tibet? A-hah, while you wait for the next post to come up, please enjoy this picture of my family and I. Yes, that is how we really look like.

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myaqury said...

It is so much fun to travel all around the world and learn the culture there. I wish to go to China too when it is spring as it seems so much fairy-tale scene in Chinese drama. Hope to travel all around the world too.. :) Enjoy reading your blog and keep on writing :)