Friday, September 23, 2011

Faved!: Dorothea Lasky's People as universe

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People start tragedies then blame the world
It wasn't the world's fault I'm afraid
That they started
The mess I couldn't clean up
People as universe
People die, too
People as dark grey sky, the lights poke
Yellow dots of blue and silver
What is the field where the people live
What human tragedy could not stop this mess
People are the universe
When I enter a room I cheer the chatter of a thousand men
When I touch one heart, it spills its sky right out
What snow of hearts spill out
But leave no reminder?
And how do I feel? I am alone
I was always alone
Dead person in a peopled universe, with flowers
Dead grass in a simple universe
With people
The animals of the everlasting like clear blue stars and planets
The heart of the evermore a thick blue plate
Held up against an infinite light

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