Friday, September 23, 2011

Jom! : 100 Thousand Poets for Change (Msia Edition)

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Hello beautiful people!

Something frickin huge is happening tomorrow and I am super excited. I am so excited that I am smacking my head and wondering why I didn't make time to post about this sooner. My bad. Apologies.

Anyway, tomorrow is the 100 Thousand Poets for Change global event. On the same day, there will be poetry events happening all over the world with a clear message of wanting a better future for us all. I love the idea. Sure it is idealistic and a bit too optimistic for some of us 'cynics' to stomach but you know what? It's good to dream and wanting a better future for those after us. I say, go ahead, dream and have hopes and this is why I am STOKED that Malaysia will be part of this massive poetic movement as well!

Thanks to the initiative of Jamal Raslan (fellow slammer, brother in verse) and the major support coming from WakaLab, a poetry event will be held in Bangsar for all to attend. Of course, it is FREE. Fugg yeah. If you've been wanting to see poets in actions, THIS IS THE GIG TO GO TO. Was that enough emphasis on my behalf? More than 20 poets will be performing, showcasing both the old and the young, the published and the newbies, the slammers and the writers. It's INSANE. Members of poetry collectives will also be there so this is the chance to get to know one another.

Okay, enough of me dorking away with my poetic passion. Here are the details. I'll just see you there. Psst psst, I am performing as well :D

The Details

This event is the KL edition of the largest worldwide poetry event this year, and maybe even in history. And KL is proud to be part of that.

Brought to you by Michael Rothenberg & the folks at, with local support from Wakalab, this event hopes to bring all poetry circles & collectives & groups around KL together & showcase the evolution & progress of KL poetry over the past few years, in view to create a more self-sustaining & progressive poetry scene & community in KL.

We will feature poets from poetry collectives such as Poetry Cafe KL, Poetry Underground, Poet's Passport, The Socialites, Bohemian Cafe & Frinjan. Not just that, we will also showcase closet poets who've never performed or read their stuff in public ever before. And that's just the appetizer. We will also feature poets who have been published, be it on print or online, be it self or publisher. We will also feature published writers as well.

So free yourself up on the 2nd Saturday from now & just kick back enjoy some kick-ass poetry - both the written word & the spoken word.

- Thato Ntshabele
- Elaine Foster
- Uthaya Sankar S.B
- Gabriel
- Hazlan Zakaria
- Michelle Lee
- KG Krishnan
- Sheena Baharuddin
- Satya Puspitaputri
- Meliza Rani
- Ellynita
- Manisha JM
- Yusuf Martin
- Dato' Shan
- Afi Noor
- Marine Docinha
- Illya Sumanto
- Aleya Ariana
- Adam Kasturi
- Nzilani Simu
- Sheralynn Veronica
- Azalia Suhaimi
- Tulile Siyumbwa
- Liyana Dizzy
- Azhar Ibrahim

- Poetry Cafe KL
- Poetry Underground
- Northern Writers
- Poet's Passport, LUCT & MMU
- The Socialites, Taylor's University College
- Bohemian Cafe, Help University College
- Frinjan
- Nottingham University Art's & Cultural Club

- Wakalab (

Venue : e-Media office, Balai Berita, 31, Jalan Riong, 59100 KL
Date : 24th September 2011, Saturday
Time : 4:00pm – 6:30pm
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