Monday, September 26, 2011

Jom! : Mix Nuts by Poetry Cafe KL

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Hello Beautiful People!

This October 7th, there are several things going on in KL but I'll highlight two poetry events just because I'll do whatever I can to promote poetry in this part of the world. Biased, much? :P So, the cool cats from Poetry Cafe KL will be hosting the first gig, which is story telling event / performance camp for anybody who is interested to perform. Check out the details right here:

The Details

... all musicians, poets, dancers, improvise groups, performing artist, able and disable... pls join us and lets share our knowledge and exchange positive energy.

Please register by messaging the cafe or add your name to the event's FB page wall here!

Theme: "A Rough Guide To..."

This special event is also to raise some funds fors Reboot The Roots(NGO group from Batu Arang formally known as Fallen Leaves) entrance by donation.

Please help spread the word to performers who wants to express themselves in this space during the first Friday 8pm every month. Solo or group act, are both welcomed.

Sms or call - Happea @ 0126981368, Jappea @ 0123157001 or Appea @ 0176996923, to book a slot and to list down their act.

Venue: PODs The Backpackers Home
Date: Friday, October 7, 2011
Time: 8.00pm -11:00pm

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