Monday, September 26, 2011

Naked / Karachi

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[First performed at Wayang Kata, Annexe Gallery. Can't believe I forgot to post this up!]

"Honestly, are my breasts really too big for this dress?"

Excuse me
Forgive me
I do not mean to pry
but what are you
really looking at now?

Is it me
or is it this body
that I thought
I've managed to hide
quite successfully?

But if I did,
then why are you
still looking
at me?

If you say
it is none of my business,
Which of course it is
Especially when your eyes are
and have been measuring me

from the top of my head
to the end of my feet
but obviously focusing
on everything
there is
in between

10 inches in diameter
4 inches in height
Suppleness: acceptable
Wetness: easy to excite
Yeah, she's alright

So there you are: sitting
while here I am
pressed against the wall:

In front of these plastic chairs
formed in a tight unit
a death squad,
is how I see it

With a thousand smirks
besmirching me

and a million black eyes
unnerving me

and this endless stream of
"I am going to hit that"
thoughts shot
all over


I can feel
your thoughts



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