Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jom! : Extra Terrestrial by Poet's Passport

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Hello Beautiful People! 

Get your dosage of poetry this week from the ever sophisticated Poet's Passport folks in Cyberjaya. This time, they have decided to go all X-Files on us and features performances centering on the theme of extraterrestrial. Sounds too fun not to pass up? Hell yes, people. Hella yeah.

The Details 

Extraterrestrial : We come in peace…love and poetry! 

Whether earthlings or extraterrestrials, the elements of attraction between the two are the world of difference that sets them apart. This Poet’s Passport session is set to embark on a different journey. When we mean different, we mean out of this world! Think aliens, UFO, Star Wars , Star Trek; heck the whole nine yards!

Get inspired from things that are enchanting and ever changing, go as far as your imagination can take you; revisit your favourite sci-fi films, drop by neighbouring planets, or take walks on the moon. 

Venue: Krish Restaurant, Cyberjaya 
Date: Friday, October 14th, 2011 
Time: 8.00pm -11:00pm 

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