Friday, October 28, 2011

Rave! : Newspaper Blackout

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This is just BRILLIANT. I am going through pages and pages of the website because they are mentally edible. I wish I had known about this earlier for me to introduce it to my students and probably turn it into a class project for my Poetry class. It would have been so fun to see how fresh minds flutter at the thought (and the during the process) of creating something new by redacting words from newspaper articles. In fact, as someone who abstains from reading the local newspapers (too much sex, violence and dirty politics), this is the best excuse to return to it!

Yes. I am deliriously excited right now.

For those who don't understand or know what it is all about, allow me to legally quote the guy who found fame via redacted texts i.e. Austin Kleon (the author of Newspaper Blackout). Yup, that's him in the picture up there:

It all started with a book.

This site is a companion to the book, Newspaper Blackout, a collection of poems made by redacting newspapers with a permanent marker...

Now it’s your turn. This site is a place where I encourage folks to try out the method and share their own poems. Here’s how it’s done:
  • Get a copy of Newspaper Blackout or check out the “how-to” tag for tips on how to make a blackout poem.
  • Grab a marker and a newspaper and make your poem...

Now, before you start redacting texts like a kid in a candy store, check out several examples submitted by people from all over the world below (all rights belong to them, naturally) and if you want more, head over to the website and start reading ravenously, away.

“She Has,” a blackout by Paul Soupiset

Blackout by Mayannee

A Newspaper Blackout by Mayannee

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quills and bones said...

These oddly remind me of my grandmother's letters from her brothers during WW2. Her brothers were fighting in the Pacific and the censors would black out nearly all of the letters.