Monday, November 07, 2011

Faved!: William Jay Smith's The World Below the Window

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The World Below the Window 
by William Jay Smith 

The geraniums I left last night on the windowsill, 
To the best of my knowledge now, are out there still, 
And will be there as long as I think they will. 

And will be there as long as I think that I 
Can throw the window open on the sky, 
A touch of geranium pink in the tail of my eye; 

As long as I think I see, past leaves green-growing, 
Barges moving down a river, water flowing, 
Fulfillment in the thought of thought outgoing, 

Fulfillment in the sight of sight replying, 
Of sound in the sound of small birds southward flying, 
In life life-giving, and in death undying.

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