Thursday, April 19, 2012

Someday (Dedicated to The Child in All Of Us)

It all started with a baby named Noemi. She's my high school bestie Cassie's daughter and the first time I saw her picture, my heart swelled. Then the words started to pour. This spoken word piece took awhile to finally take form and it was performed (with music accompaniment by the lovely Winner) at the recent International Women's Day event organised by the ever awesome Jasmine Low of Doppelganger at Doppel Kafe. Now that it is ready to be uploaded, I want to dedicate it to all the children who have graced my life: My young cousins, my cousins' children, my friends' kids and especially to the child in all of us, untainted by bigotry, hate and racism. We have it in us so let it be our responsibility to ensure a future full of love, for the sake of all children. Amin.

(Noemi and I)

"Someday, we will be alright. Together we will find out, that true love will 
right all the wrongs around the world."

Here is 
the secret

You see 
everything is 

It is a game 
of getting the dots connected,
so go ahead, try 
connecting the stars

and soon you
will discover 
our deepest 
core desire

to make sense 
of the tiniest incidents
in this world of ours
just because sometimes
we are made to feel so 

Let us try an experiment
Stretch out our hands
What you see as normal
Well I see miracle
Let me explain

See how the ring finger 
is mysteriously connected to two souls
saying their "I do" to a 
a lifetime of arguments solved 
and love uphold
and growing old
Waking up every morning
beside that someone you are willing
to give your everything

and how the pinkie holds a box
of secrets untold
and how the middle finger 
is just another way of saying
that you are never really
worth my words, 
so can you just please 
leave me alone

and how the index finger 
points to a world that 
constantly churns
magic in your head

A world where YOU know that
THAT is NOT a cloud but a dragon
named Fred

and how this thumb was made
for sucking for a child
right before she goes to sleep 
at night

but when no one is in sight
even her parents do it too
because they all need comforting
including me and you

So when you start seeing things
for what they are really worth

Even a diamond is not as precious
as a string of costume jewellery
resting on your mother's 
delicate d├ęcolletage

Even a simple pen will soon find itself 
rooted to the words 
spoken by an angel named Gabriel
to a man named Muhammad 
the Illiterate

and how a Muslim and a Buddhist 
are kindreds of the Jew
and how a Christian can trace himself 
back to a Hindu
aren't we all united by one Golden Rule
of "Thou shalt treat thy neighbour" 
how you'd like to be treated too?

Now tell me

Aren't you dancing now when 
crawling was once
an impossibility?

Aren't you singing now when 
back then, you couldn't even 
articulate A B C

That you used to be none, 
but soon you'll be cradling 
your new born son

So how can you say that
you are insignificant
when you are made of one 
divine essence?

So let us love freely and judge wisely
Let us see the beauty inside of every body

It could be a girl or a boy
or the sexy in betweens
as long as you love them
not for their physicalities

For life is too short to hate
For life is too short 
to stay afraid

So why don't we learn 
to celebrate
the true joy of living

Shall we?

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