Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rave!: The Art of Hayv Kahraman

One of the perks of writing articles for Aquila is that you get to find new things about the world that you live in. Here's a great example. I was asked to write an article that highlights the best Muslim artists. Artists here do not mean musicians but those painters, installation artists what not, and of course, I jumped at the opportunity. This was when I discovered a gorgeous world that is instantly provocative and illuminating. One of the artists that I discovered during my research was an Iraqi woman named Hayv Kahraman.

An Iraqi raised in Sweden and currently residing in the States, her works address issues related to gender (beauty, honour killings etc.) as well as war. I love love love how her works are influenced by Japanese techniques, the Persian miniature art and even Greek iconography. Here's my favourite painting by her entitled Hold Still Please. 

So beautiful that tears welled up the first time I saw it. InsyaAllah, I'll be able to see the actual painting in the future. It'll be lovely. In the mean time, enjoy these other samples of her work. She's an amazing talent and will probably go very far indeed. Enjoy!

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