Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Caught on Cam: Numinous @ Rumi & Kohl

My baby Numinous was recently held at the beautiful Rumi & Kohl gallery after months of planning with Miss Najmia. It was worth it, through and through. For a first time event, the turn out was pleasantly positive. Just like how I envisioned it, the ones who came were all sorts. We needed new faces and familiar faces getting together, and we got them. A fun bunch of poets, spoken word artists, dancers, musicians and performance artists stepped up and showed all of us that it shouldn't always be about the money. It's all about passion.

God willing, we'll have another Numinous in the future. I already several amazing performers who can't wait to be a part of it. I have several more who I just ambushed (tak malu) and made them say yes. Haha.

Here are some pictures taken at the event, courtesy of Rumi & Kohl. Check out the rest on their FB group page HERE.

The lovely ladies of Kata.Mata. They were amazing. Afi Noor (far right) should perform for us next time!)

That's me. Hosting. Not performing. Though I look like I am.

Elaine did a piece titled "Mother" with Azren on percussion and Adel interpreting the piece through dance.

Azalia Suhaimi read her poem while pictures taken during her travels to France, Cambodia etc projected behind.

That's Gerry, a spiritual poet who recently published her first collection of poems. Lovely stuff.

Sefa got everyone on their toes, lying down.

When you're not enjoying the event, you can enjoy a bit of jewellery shopping too :)

Renaissance man Muid Latif got me groovin along to Musiq Soulchild's music.

A definite crowd favourite, Azren showed us a glimpse of numinous energy through his music.

Dr. Zubin showed us exactly why he's one of the leading figures in the Malaysian traditional dance scene

Wani Ardy and the Guitar Polygamy performed pieces from her collection of poems and prose i.e. Langit Vanilla

Maybe you'll join us, right here, at the next Numinous? :)

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