Monday, July 30, 2012

A Letter From My Mother On My 30th Birthday

On the day that I turned 30, I received an email from my mother. Reading her words reminded me that maybe (just maybe), I got my love of poetry from her. Reading her words reminded me that indeed, heaven lies under the soles of her feet. I love you too, mama. Forever.

Assalamualaikum anak mama,  
How time flies and how true that time waits for no one. How I wished that my first born is still a young girl so that I can take care of her, protect her, take away all her pains and sorrows and make her feel better and deep down inside still feel that I am needed (sad but true). 
But my little girl is now a full grown women. So beautiful, so kind, intelligent and too independent. All that I wanted my child to be and so much more (just independent would be better).  
Nana, on your 30th birthday my wish is that Allah will always protect you and guide you in every step that you take and that Allah will bless you in all your future undertakings. As for mama and ayah we love you soooooo much and we are so proud of the woman that you have become. As hard as we tried not to worry we still do. Sorry, but there is no expiry date on WORRIES. It is something that we get as soon as you came into this world and we held you in our arms for the first time (2 in 1). To put it in a morbid way (don’t smile) it expires when we expire.  
My darling nana, 
Life might not always be as you would like it to be but remember that every time you wake up it’s a new day. So at the end of the day everyday is indeed a NEW and BEAUTIFUL day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA.  
Love you 4ever 

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