Saturday, July 07, 2012

Jom!: The Freshies Slam - KL Poetry Slam

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Hello beautiful people!

It's been so long since the last slam that I can't help myself but super excited when I found out that the next one will be happening in approximately 3 weeks i.e. July 28th. Woots! Here's the low down:

It's been a long time but The KL Poetry Slam is back! Who knows when the last one was?  
Who cares because we're here now! 
This month's slam is all about the newbies, the virgins, the greenhorns, the beginners, the newcomers, the unaccustomed, the uninitiated, but by no means, the stranger.
The slam can be a scary scary place so this month only non slam finalists can enter and take part! If you've ever competed in a slam but never made it to the finals, this slam's for you! 
You can do it!!!!
What is a poetry slam?
A poetry slam is a competitive event in which poets perform their work and are judged by members of the audience. Typically, the host or another organizer selects the judges, who are instructed to give numerical scores (on a zero to 10 or one to 10 scale) based on the poets' content and performance.
What are the rules?
Though rules vary from slam to slam, the basic rules are:
  1. Each poem must be of the poet's own construction;
  2. Each poet gets three minutes (plus a ten-second grace period) to read one poem.
  3. If the poet goes over time, points will be deducted from the total score.
  4. The poet may not use props, costumes or musical instruments;
  5. Of the scores the poet received from the five judges, the high and low scores are dropped and the middle three are added together, giving the poet a total score of 0-30.

Wanna slam this month? This your first time? Awesome! This one's especially for you!
 Register now on the FB page event! 

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