Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jom!: The Big Fish - Scared Shitless

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Hello beautiful people!

If you are not doing anything tonight or would like to have a quiet dinner followed by an evening of good ol' spookiness, drop by for a night of story telling i.e. The Big Fish! Here's the low down:

Yes it's All Hallows Eve, folks! A once pagan tradition celebrating the dead and everything in-between this life and the next.

More recently an opportunity to dress up as whatever you fancy, scare the living daylights out of each other with ghost stories and cliched urban legends, eat lots of sweets and tell bad jokes door-to-door. Ah, sounds like a great night already!

Come in costume and get a free something or other. Prizes for best dressed!

The Aboriginals believe that there is a story for every
living thing, every system, which they would learn and, in turn, tell a story about themselves, weaving their own tales into the ever after of the great big story of life and the universe.

People have always told stories. We tell stories to explain the world around us, to teach life's lessons, to explain ourselves to ourselves. In our world of internet and television, the ancient art of storytelling and the story circle, even story time has almost disappeared, albeit for children's stories and fairytales, that we readily dismiss as naive or childish, but their value still very much remains.

Who are we but our stories? We have much more to tell...

Featuring stories by:

Sheena Baharudin
Shaqyl White
Zach B-g
Qishin Tariq
Elizabeth Buri

And more!

Open mic-ers get 5 mins and can tell a story to any theme they want.

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