Friday, December 21, 2012

Faved!: Rohima Mirza's A Poem For Friends Who Are Hurting

I first met Rohima a couple of weeks ago when I performed at Amir Sulaiman's KL Tour finale gig. We didn't get to talk much but it was fated for us to meet again. This time, it was last night at Doppel Kafe's farewell party and I had the opportunity to watch her perform a poem that I fell in love with! This is what Rohima has to say about the piece:
This poem was initially inspired after reading Warsan Shire's 'Teaching my mother how to give birth'. Her words were tortured, gritty and uncomfortable. I don't know her, but I felt so saddened by her pain. It made me reflect on close friends going through hard times, and I wanted to do something for them, show affection, support and love, in the only minimalist and insufficient way I know how - through words.

For my friends who are suffering and in pain, here and everywhere, this is for you.

I wish
That I could hold your pain
In the cup of my palms;
I'd drink it all with parched tongue
And thirsty lips.
I'd hold your face and kiss your head
With my teeth sew back the wounds in your soul and flesh.

I would
Escape with you
In dark underbellies of trucks
Or saturated mouths of un-seaworthy vessels,
Carry you on my shoulders
To where you could forget the past and the present,
Become us refugees 
Seeking solace in the unknown 
With the Unknowable

I would search 
For every piece of you,
Scattered and thrown into rivers of mud
Put them back together
Using my spit, tears and blood;
And at night, when you cried
I'd soothe your nightmares 
On comforting laps and embracing arms
Prayers sung in sleepless ears,
Until light and love were all that were left.

Your abandoned body
Battered and offered to the world in sacrifice
I would comfort
With whispers of paradise;
Of springs after winters
Skies blazing colour,
Your visions of grey
Flooded with paints,
Canvas be my heart
A furnace for your hurt
Let me be as tinder
That you may rise from the ashes.
I'd heal your bruises with gentle fingers
And soft mouths.

For there is healing itself
In the healing 
Of others

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Midgesque said...

I LOVE IT! Its really beautiful...I wish I could meet her too.. <3