Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Gawdeepah's Top Ten Poems of 2012

Happy New Year, beautiful souls! It's crazy just how fast time flies but it does. It's already the second day of 2013 and it is a gorgeous day. I realise that I haven't really ended the 2012 segment of my poetic curation so I decided that this is something I should do every year end: pick my top 10 fave poems/posts shared on Gawdeepah :) So here they are. Click on the links to read the poems. 

Ps: Feel free to comment and even share your very own favourite 2012 poem!

This is my first creative collaboration with a fellow poet and it turned out beautiful. Best read when you're alone or under a big luminescent full moon. 

I am always amazed when a poet could put science and poetry together and just let them dance on the page. I read this poem many times and stil find myself smiling in wonder.
I met Rohima at Amir Sulaiman's gig and she told me she loves my poems. A couple of days later, I saw her performed. Her words struck my soul and I love each and every word of hers.

This poem breaks your heart. It broke mine into pieces with its sadness and the inevitable emptiness that lingers within us.    

I've always considered Billy Collin's Introduction to Poetry as a great poem to start a beginner's poetry class but when I bumped into this one, I knew I have found THE perfect poem for a teacher to let his/her poetry neophytes consume.

I love love love when a woman embraces her feminine energy and remind all of us how we are connected to Mother Earth. This poem is intense and beautiful. Best read in a park, green and earthy.

Alfian Sa'at never fails to take my breath away with his imagery. This poem sears into my mind.

It wasn't a long time ago when the world held its breath as the Mayans' prediction of Doomsday loomed close. I found myself contemplating the whole time and then found solace in this exquisite poem.

I am blessed to live long enough to celebrate my 30th birthday with a bang. Then my mom made it perfect by sending me this poetic letter infused with a mother's divine love.

I still remember how goosebumps took over my body when I first read this poem. There are poems that speak to your soul and this is the one powerful piece that made my 2012 poetic curation complete.

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