Thursday, February 28, 2013

I first met Kafayat at Amir Sulaiman's finale spoken word event in Kuala Lumpur last December, where I was one of the local poets invited to perform. Gotta thank Jamal Raslan for the opportunity to perform in the same space as one of my favourite American spoken word artists, that is for sure. Anyway, it was on that night that I was blown away by this woman. She was calm and has that kind of voice that just leaves you in awe. I was. I didn't know that she writes poetry as well until I googled her after she said yes to performing at last weekend's Numinous. Brilliant. So here's a poem by Kafayat that I am more than excited to share with you!

It doesn’t matter what you say
I will do everything
And write about it
I will pull the ears of many Presidents
And stay a close confidant
I will spit and the Queen will listen
I will have two naughty children
Who will grow up to be
Naughtier and greater than me
Do not tell me what I cannot do
I will marry and divorce and marry again
And write about it
Ever green songs and timeless poetry
I will live live and live
And thrive peacefully and successfully
You cannot say no
It is not your place
It will not be your place
You will see me and be happy
Praying as you cast the evil eye
Only on stones and not on me
I will fly like a bird
And live to tell the tale
I will swim like a fish
The first artificial human gills
I will find the cure to AIDS and cancer
And bring peace to the Middle East
Do not tell me what I cannot do

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