Thursday, March 07, 2013

Faved!: Afi Noor's Hugging What is Not There

Afi Noor has to be one of the best young poets out there in the local scene at the moment. Her grasp of language can be clearly seen in the way she weaves the words into poems. I have seen her read her works before but personally, I prefer spending quiet evenings with her poems rather than sharing them with a crowd of people. Like this poem here, beckoning you to read it again and again and again. I love the layers and the time spent discovering the tiny mirrors in between each layers, reflecting a side of humanity that you instantly recognise as your own. 

Oh yes, she already has a collection of poems out i.e. Ten Poems selling at a humble RM15. Yes, this means that you should get it :) In the meantime, enjoy this particular poem of Afi Noor.

the theory einstein left on his desk was
us - turning into elementary particles of sunlight.
rushing down with the great-grandfathers to kiss
the newborn’s forehead.

we are the early morning that enters your bed. the clouds
gratuitously pour onto your pillow. this day comes forward
for you to make things right again. the last wave your mother
gives before she goes on forever. the chapped lip of the man
that lands on her neck, playing the hymn to assure that  ”i
can take care of you when you’re at your thinnest.” lines jumping

from one poem to another because it is never enough.
poets whispering truths no one would listen. if you
are a failed poet, the dust will understand your honesty.
you are the dust that stayed on your father’s hair
before he brushes it off. the last wisdom before the bell rang.
replace all tears you’ve lost last night. sweat out
the glory that you can possess as arms turned into skyscrapers
to scream, “rock on” because this is the last microphone on earth.

pull out everyone’s hearts and maroon with the same comfort.
bring the anthem of your youth to every doorstep of your client.
the hunger for faith, and the hunger in faith. this love
knows no distance or difference. this hatred will pack their
bags and go up north to freeze. your life starts from the
breakfast that you miss. don’t answer the examination
because it is not asking about life. say thank you as it ends,
congratulating you on finally being able to live life. just fail it. just

fail and be proud of it like how the trees failed to be humble.
fail and be proud of it like how the planes failed to be grounded.
fail and be proud of it like how the birds failed to stay in one place.
you are living in a blanket of people pandering your throat,
and 90 percent of them will say that it’s okay. 

put your mind for the other ten, say, it’s not so bad.
the future is still waiting for you. everything is okay.
physicists believe that if you cry here, someone will resonate your tears
and that is okay. if you’re happy here, someone will resonate joy
and that is okay. everything is okay.  physicists believe that if
you want to continue on living, just hug what is not there.

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