Monday, March 04, 2013

Faved!: Kish Roslan's You Forgot

I first met Kish (or Starkish, as she named herself on her FB page) when she performed at the 3rd Numinous that was held last year at Paradiso Lounge in Publika. Petite and soft spoken, I remembered distinctly how her voice carefully articulated each syllable as she read her personal poems on stage. Personal, yes, I chose that word after pondering for awhile. I believe that many would be able to relate to her works. It's intimate, sometimes dark and sometimes full of vibrancy that only youth could bring. 

(written in Nov 2011)

a passing day,
a passing thought,
half written letters,
your name's caught,
in every line,
on a rainy day,
on a rainy night,
but the physical you,
is left unsought,
for if it were,
it would leave me wrought,
it would break me down,
knees to the ground,
more dramatic words that rhyme, unfound.

and if i saw you on a random street,
and if our eyes do suddenly meet,
between us the roads and cars and strangers,
and everything would halt,
silence with purpose, deafening to a fault,
and you would look away,
for you it was just another day,
another girl you forgot.

2 poetic mutterings:

Edwin Chong said...

wow, this is actually quite good!

Sheena B said...

Kan Edwin, kan? I enjoyed it myself!