Friday, March 22, 2013

Faved!: Maureen N. Mclane's Populating Heaven


      If we belonged
to the dead, if we had our own
Egyptian culture of care—
the amulets of home entombed
for solace everywhere—
would we then have found
a better way to cast beyond
the merely given earth?
      If you want to follow me
you'd better leave your plaid
suitcase and makeup kit
behind. I hope you won't
mind the narrow corridor;
the air in the chamber's
thinned out. In this dark
I think my life's an old hinge
creaking in silence.
      Open the door
and you'll see the creatures
I imagined while you were waiting:
the green-eyed dog upright
on his throne, the winged lion,
the woman whose third eye
brightens the room.

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