Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Faved!: Melizarani's The Woman

The best thing about getting head deep in the local poetry scene is getting to know the people who made the scene a 'scene'. I remember watching Melizarani performed at Poets Passport (twitter)quite a while back, I think it was the first time I heard her perform. I was late for the session (got lost in Cyberjaya AGAIN) and when I got in, she was half way done with her piece. What I remember vividly was her sensuality. Some people have to use blatant sexual imagery and don sexy garb to achieve what she did merely with her voice. She's confident and radiant and I got all that from the second half of her performance! We became better acquainted in Penang during the Georgetown Lit Fest thanks to the luminous Al Ibrahim and the rest is history! Looking forward to working with this woman more and more.

I am the woman who writes the powerful sentences that you only dare listen but never say 
I am the woman who dreams of the dreams you consider a taboo to even let linger and stay
I am the woman who will find a way when they “try” to give you their best shot
I am the woman who will actually multi-task and give you everything I’ve got

I am the woman who saunters into the room in a high-waisted skirt and cleavage showing top 
That will make your manhood scream and eyes pop 
I am the woman who will give you a reason to stare and be slammed for sexual harassment 
And when the management does nothing to stop you, I’ll send you sweet flowery cards with 
passive aggressive statements

Till you call your mother and seek for forgiveness
I am the woman who will make you believe in God
Or some divine cosmic energy force or the universe
Because if you cross my path you will need a miracle

I am the woman who will get down on her knees
And fix that broken printer 
And will need no assistance for transportation
For, I am the woman who will drive you wild. 

I am the woman, the reason that “glass ceiling” exists
Otherwise you’d be landscaping the sidewalk and not some fancy executive 
Fret not over inconsistent charity campaigns and CSR effort
I am the woman who will give your organisation a heart

I am the woman whose figure is shaped by reality not magazine covers
Whose spirit is toughen by unreasonable silence and rejection letters
My combination of being Indian and woman is now cursed to fail and be deadly 
Pardon me, I’m not a racist, just a feline bitten by reality 

You see, my Masters Degree and youth sacrificed work experience; are just mere words that 
fill a column in the CV 
While you regard my certificates as fancy coloured paper
And you told me, my sun kissed brown skin passed down through generations of hard labour 
Needs to be concealed by a thick layer of foundation, powder and blusher

Or else you fear the audience will die of disgust and blindness 
Or even take to the streets to protest the appearance of a brown spot in their television 

Do not photograph me in a Saree for your national advertisements
If you do not want me to read the national news
Walaupun saya fasih dan petah bertutur dalam Bahasa Melayu
Or should I say Bahasa Malaysia because you made it mandatory for me to get an A
Patriotic but not very useful in the end, I’ll say!

I am the woman, the gadis, the ponnu, the xiao jie that you need to represent
But due to “unforeseen circumstances”, you won’t.
So if anyone, anyone walks through that door and asks for my description
Tell them I am the woman they know deep down is, The Woman

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