Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jom!: Heal Malaysia

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Hello beautiful people!

If you are not doing anything tonight or would like to be inspired, drop by Merdekarya for an evening of music, spoken word poetry and humour. Here's the low down:

The only reason I follow politicians on twitter is to troll them. If you haven't tried trolling politicians on twitter, you really should. Some of our politicians can provide you with endless hours of trolling fun.

But in the lead-up to GE13, the level of WTF-ness displayed by our politicians from both sides was too much to bear, even by my masochistic standards. And I unfollowed all of them. 

All but one:

Saifuddin Abdullah is a rare breed of politician - one who actually makes sense.

So in this post GE13 madness, I thought I'll ask him to give a speech on how the country can heal. And move forward. 

So I emailed him and he said sure, he'd love to do it. Then I asked some other nice people if they'd like to be a part of this event and they said sure, they'd love to do it, and so we ended up with:

SHEENA BAHARUDIN (spoken word)
RAY CHEONG (music)
plus a special appearance by

So come on down to Merdekarya for a night of people-playing-nice for a change.

Entrance is free but do tip performers in the tip jar ya? Remember: Be nice :)

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