Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why I Write & Perform Words (A Poem)

Because words 

The reasoning of a 4 year old boy named Billy
who understood that love is when your one and only
says your name in a way that is just different

you know that you are now
safe and sound
in the deepest corners of their mouth

Just like how mothers smile hearing
of their children calling them 

Or how young lovers believe in the sanctity
of that word: forever
see their hearts blossoming like spring

with absolutely no memories 
of the previous winter

because words 

A series of 
punctuation marks

It is the comma of a curled finger
It is a question mark of stolen kisses that linger
It is an exclamation mark of a pulled trigger
It is an ellipsis of purposely omitted parts of your speech
just because some words are better left, 
out of one’s reach.

Because words are
the writings on the walls
sprayed graffiti by Banksy
curses and all

They are rebels

Like boys skipping classes 
to skip pebbles

Like water breaking through concrete,
Like roots of trees overtaking temples and forgotten streets

Like waves weaving castles made out of 
broken dreams and wet warm sand

So with a flute in its hand,
words are the pied piper 
who cues the queue of lumps in your throat

just to remind you that we are all islands
trying to keep each other afloat,

no matter how much pain 
that you chose 
to cope

you are never really alone  
in your sadness.

So write your words

Write your words like how the spoken word poets
write their words 

Treating each word as a name 
carefully written down on a page
before spoken out loud on a stage, 
Just like birds, 
we set them free from their cage,

and see them fly back to the ones
who will hear their names being said once again
in a way that is just different

Let them know how
I am letting you know now

That your names are safe and sound
in the deepest corners

of my mouth.

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