Thursday, July 04, 2013

Let Me Share With You These Rhymes for Mending Hearts

The month of June, to put it blatantly, was crazy. There were so many things happening within the span of 30 days that I am still recovering from it. Making it more awesome is the fact that all of them were about poetry. Yup, spoken word poetry hit the city harder than the haze that got stuck halfway between Indonesia and Begonelah.

The only non-poetry related event that happened last month was my birthday. Yes, I turned a year older and I can imagine another leaf falling off me to kiss the earth, lips first. It was a relatively quiet one, exactly the way I wanted it to be. Except for the fact that I came out with a BOOK! 

It was the best birthday gift for 2013 was the one I gave myself, for sure. A couple of days after my birthday, I found myself attending the launch of my first solo poetry collection i.e. "Rhymes for Mending Hearts." Much of the backbone support that made this happen came from Dewi Armand, who was the one who approached me with the offer and continued the relationship to feasibility. From there on, Sufian Abas and his army of Selut Books (Ianslip Books & Sang Freud Press) soljahs made the book "physical." It was, still is, surreal.

The three Selut Books' poets: (L-R) Mimi Morticia, Me and Nadhira Brundage

 I couldn't tahan and took a picture with my book and a bouquet of flowers (a gift from awesome friends) right here. My four lettr word is LOVE. No brainer.

Our books were kept safe by a Selut Books officio

Selut Books' best selling poet Wani Ardy was there to support the newbie!

 What's a launch without a fun shot? 5 writers as the ferris wheel (as seen on my book cover)

If you let me, I'd like to share with you poems I have written for the past 10 years. These poems are both intimate and familiar. They were written to be performed or read using the voice in your head. They talk about everything from love to religion and the other stuff you're scared of talking about. They can be read in a quiet room or shared with friends out loud. 

Rhymes for Mending Hearts can be purchased online via Selut Books right HERE. MYR20 a pop. Love & Light :) 

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quills and bones said...

Congratulations on your book! That is so awesome!

Also loved the "Grammar Police" t.