Friday, August 23, 2013

Jom!: Numinous Edisi Raya / Raya Edition

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Hello beautiful people!

You are all invited to Numinous' 8th installment of all things passionate. This time, we're soaking ourselves in the Raya spirit so everything goes i.e. love, forgiveness, a newfound love for Raya tunes, blinged up baju Raya and there's even bunga api to spark up after the event ends! Yes, I am all for it. I am thinking of donning my baju kurung raya some more!

For this Numinous, ten acts will be featured and I am super excited about this lot!

  1. Illya Sumanto: My spoken word sista will be bringing her luminosity to stage.
  2. Ida Johan: This newbie is brilliant with her words. Just wait and see.
  3. Mooza Mohd: This word-goddess disappeared for awhile and returned with a BANG.
  4. Zain Lodhia: Chicago-based musician who happened to be in KL at the perfect time to be Numified.
  5. Zhi Wei: Introduced by a mutual friend, prepared to be blown away by this soulful crooner.
  6. Jerome Kugan: I cannot wait to share this super talented man's urban cool electro-music set.
  7. The Fridays: They are too cool for school. This band is hot.
  8. Alvin Raj: Rep #1 from RTB's #TeamHipHop, he's an all round talent with a passion for music.
  9. Ezra Soon: Rep #2 from RTB's #TeamHipHop, this beat-boxer will bring the house down.
  10. Dafrosty: Rep #3 from RTB's #TeamHipHop, this rapper is smooth and brings a mean flow of words.
The founders of Raising the Bar, Jin Heezy and Al Caponey, will be there to support their #TeamHipHop as well. They might just take a stage, if you're lucky :D 

So what are you waiting for? Jom! Join us tomorrow night, 8 pm, at Merdekarya!

Love & Light!

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