Friday, August 16, 2013

Jom!: Poet's Passport's SOUL FOOD - Eat Your Heart Out!

Hello beautiful people!!

Free your calendar tonight! 8pm onwards! On a date? Bring him/her to the gig! Poet's Passport is finally in KL! Here is the lowdown on the spoken word gig:

Finally folks - POET'S PASSPORT is in KL.
Good things come in pairs - not just commemorating Poet's Passport's first session in KL, we'll also be *sort of* soft-launching MINUT INIT's new swanky renovated gallery/studio!
Please spread the word around & bring your friends along!
The theme this time is SOUL FOOD with the headline "Eat Your Heart Out!", so come on over with stories of spiritual nourishment and soul searching.
You can either sign up here or sign up during the event!
Looking forward to seeing you all!

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