Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jom!: Raising The Bar & Numinous Present Poetry Jam

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Hello beautiful people! 

It started pretty simple. Jin Heezy, the man behind Raising the Bar, asked me before Raya if Numinous wants to collaborate together on a spoken word-centric event. Knowing myself a little bit too well, I couldn't say no to anything that'll promote our local spoken word poetry. It's already a well known relationship anyway i.e. poetry and hip hop. 

So yes, that's all it took. Raising the Bar has been very kind to handle all the technical needs, promotion and publicity. I have confirmed 5 established spoken word poets who will be representing spoken word on the night of the event. Raising the Bar has also brought forward heavyweights hip hoppers onto the stage. Check it out:

As you can see, from the names performing tomorrow night, It's gonna be EPIC. A number of sites has already given a good word about the event:

So, whatchu waiting for? Join us at The Bee, Publika from 9 pm onwards!

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