Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Faved!: Robinson Jeffers' Song of Quietness

Drink deep, drink deep of quietness, 
And on the margins of the sea 
Remember not thine old distress 
Nor all the miseries to be. 
Calmer than mists, and cold 
As they, that fold on fold 
Up the dim valley are rolled, 
Learn thou to be. 

The Past--it was a feverish dream, 
A drunken slumber full of tears. 
The Future--O what wild wings gleam, 
Wheeled in the van of desperate years! 
Thou lovedst the evening: dawn 
Glimmers; the night is gone:-- 
What dangers lure thee on, 
What dreams more fierce? 

But meanwhile, now the east is gray, 
The hour is pale, the cocks yet dumb, 
Be glad before the birth of day, 
Take thy brief rest ere morning come: 
Here in the beautiful woods 
All night the sea-mist floods,-- 
Thy last of solitudes, 
Thy yearlong home.

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