Thursday, September 26, 2013

High School (A Love Poem)

Class of 1999. Spot me.

If only I was taught proper 
back in high school
I wouldn't be struggling so much
trying to write this love poem 
for you.

My Cikgu 
could have shown me how Physics is based 
on the premise that everything is made 
out of matter and that matter is made 
out of mass, just like how you do matter to me 
above all the rest and that the best 
definition of inertia could only be found 
in the reason why I can't stop thinking about you
so despite the friction met in my state of motion
I am still falling for you 

I wish 
I was taught in Chemistry 
that the human body contains 
enough carbon to make 9,000 pencils
because then that makes me a vessel of words
and now that I am a spoken word poet
I want you to be my muse, you are
better than 'shroom, LSD, weed or cocaine
you are the stimulus that floods my brains
with dopamine. Quoting the words
of the hip-hoppers: "Baby, you are dope to me"
so let's not even talk about
physical chemistry

let us flip the neglected pages of Biology
Did you know that the octopus
possesses not one heart, but three?
To make it worse, it is solitary.
No wonder its blood is blue. Its whole existence 
sings the blues. See that is why I refuse 
to live a life without you. For I have only one heart
not three, with blood vessels so broad
I could never stop you from swimming
into my deepest thoughts
and just like the blue whales in the sea, my heart 
is absolutely massive and indisputably capable 
of so many miracles.
This should 
have been in Religious studies. See how 
our hearts lose a beat every time 
we sneeze or how mine skips a beat, forgets to breathe, 
every time we kiss and yet, here I am still standing 
walking (not on water) but on this earth
where you are the world and I am the traveller. 
So eager to get to know you better. With you
I want to have my first and my last supper
quoting once again the words 
of the hip-hoppers “Baby, you are sick.”

That's why Mathematics 
could have been about more than just sine, cosine and tangent 
or how kilometres contributes to physical distance
it should be about how you + me = fun
and that we - you = none
that you are my version of the Euler’s formula,
the most beautiful equation, yes that's what you are.

You once told me 
"I am the light to your prism."
Well you are the algorithm to all of my problems
you have solved me.

Guess that's why I believe Pendidikan Jasmani
should not be about who is the fittest or
who is the best in sports but how my tongue ought 
to be the strongest muscle in my body, see me flex it
as I carry the weight of the hardest words to say:

Like: “Goodbye” or
“I'm gay” or

If only 
Cikgu had taught me in Geography 
that the Eskimos have hundreds of words for snow
yet not a single one for hello
maybe then I would have known why that is so
I mean, just look at it: 

See how a word 
is capable of turning your life 
into a hell hole
but hell, still 
I said hello 
to you

Even when I knew
you bring forth with you the infinite possibilities
of a heartbreak, my tragic flaw 
you could be that single core shaking mistake
and still I choose to partake 
in this struggle to write this love poem for you
even when Poetry was not once 
taught in my classroom

"Why?" You may ask
I say, "Life is just like high school.
It sucks and it is messed up
but you are like recess, 
full stop.
The only thing I look forward
to having, counting
each and every second
before the bell rings
so that proper education
can finally 

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