Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Jom!: Senorita's Hello Poetry Vol. 1

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Hello beautiful people!

I am looking forward to this one. A different crowd, a different scene. What is not to like? I have been following Senorita Zine for awhile and they were kind enough to invite me to perform for their first poetry event aptly called HELLO POETRY. Here are the details:

Senorita presents
"Hello Poetry" is a poetry recital event by today's up and coming female poets which centers around a common theme: "feminism and literature"
 Supporting label: 
• Frinjan• Zine Satu Malam
Date: September 7th, 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 12:00pm - 6:00pm
Venue: Rumah Titi, Kuala Lumpor.
FREE ADMISSION - everyone is welcome, boys or girls, mysterious or obvious.
Feel free to invite your friends! The more, the merrier!
Performing acts:
• Sheena Baharudin• Azalia Suhaimi• Afi Noor• Dib Jual Kata• Aishah Nur Hakim• Athina Marzuki• Qiez AR• Adi Robai• Chempaka's• Kaka Perawan• Egy Azira, Aen Lee, Zehan (Tanpa Nama)
Special Appearance (acoustic): 
• Aifaa Rizwan• Shh...Diam!
• Neb Dagga• Xeem Noor• Sarah Ameera• Orkid Abdullah• Artviolences

Sounds pretty fun right? I will be bringing along with me copies of Rhymes for Mending Hearts as well. You never know who might want some healing, right? I should write a new piece to be read at this event. Will call it Eksperimen. Yeah, I should. See you there!

2 poetic mutterings:

Ayu Salleh said...

Some poets are just “naturals" and I think you are. Enjoyed to see your performance today~

Sheena B said...

Thank you Ayu :)